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SchoolTube Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Learn the SchoolTube basics: Creating a personal channel, uploading  videos, publishing and sharing videos, and how to caption videos. The Quick Start Guide will help you start and maximize your SchoolTube experience. 

SchoolTube Login Tutorial Link

Login & Password Reset 

From the SchoolTube home page, click on Guest, then enter your User Name and password. Be sure to enter your User Name and not your email, if they are different. Watch our login tutorial video to learn how.

Channel Management

Create & Manage Channels

Channels and channel playlists are where your videos are made public. Channels also control the privacy settings for your videos. If you are new to SchoolTube first learn about how to create and edit your channel. Then learn how to upload videos (next tutorial  below). Channel playlists are sequences of videos within a channel. A channel playlist can be shared independent of the channel. Watch the Channel Management tutorial to learn more.


Video Upload

Uploading Videos: Teachers & Moderators

Learn how to upload videos under a teacher or moderator account.

closed caption icon

Adding Captions

Learn how to add captions to your videos. All videos shared on a school website should be captioned for ADA compliance. SchoolTube offers machine captioning with self-edit capabilities. You can also upload caption files from other sources. 

Tutorial Link for Sharing-Embedding SchoolTube Videos

Sharing & Embedding Videos

Learn how videos can be shared by their URL, embedded into web pages and shared by publishing in a channel or playlist.

Tutorial Link on Editing SchoolTube Video Thumbnail

Editing a Video Thumbnail

There are 3 options for editing a video thumbnail. Creating a proper thumbnail helps encourage video viewing. Learn how to edit a video thumbnail by watching this tutorial. 

Tutorial Link for Deleting SchoolTube Videos

Deleting Videos


When a video is no longer needed, please delete it. Learn how to delete your videos on SchoolTube by watching this video.

Tutorial Link for Creating YouTube Play-Through on SchoolTube

Creating a YouTube Play-Through

YouTube videos can be played through SchoolTube. In doing so, the video is not downloaded from YouTube, but played through an YouTube API within SchoolTube. Learn how to set up YouTube play-through by watching this video. 


Video Quiz

Creating a Video Quiz 

Add a Quiz, Comments, or Hot Spots to a Video

Create video quiz by adding adding yes/no, true/false, or multiple choice questions to a video. Or, add comments or attention-getting hot spots to a video to help with understanding and communications. Learn how the SchoolTube quiz engine works with this tutorial video. 

Adding attachments

Add Attachments

Share additional information with your videos by learning how to add downloadable attachments such as PDF's, PowerPoint presentations, Word Doc, and other file formats. 

And use a list to:

  • Enliven your copy
  • Expand on the details
  • Encourage conversions

It really is that easy.

Editing Channel Banner Image

Channel Banner Image Editing

The banner or header image of your channel can be a custom image or default to the thumbnail of a video or playlist within your channel. Learn how to customize the banner image of your channel by watching this short video. 


Tutorials Link for Adding Contributors to a SchoolTube Channel

Add Contributors or Members to a Channel 

Increase the utility of your channel, by learning how to add students or staff as contributors or members your channel. As members, you can track their video viewership under your channel analytics. 

Tutorial Link for Embedable Playlist on SchoolTube

Understading Playlists

Independent vs Channel Playlists

There are two types of playlists on SchoolTube: independent vs channel. An independent playlist can shared by embedding into a web page. A channel playlist is used to organize videos under a channel. Learn the difference and how to create independent or channel playlists by watching this video. 

Tutorial Link for Reordering Playlist Videos on SchoolTube

Add, Reorder, Delete Playlist Videos

Tutorial Link for Deleting a Channel on SchoolTube

Deleting a Channel

Learn how to delete unneeded channels. Deleting a channel does not delete the videos under the channel, a channel is just an organized view to videos under your user account. 


SchoolTube Link for Technical Support

SchoolTube Technical Support

For additional assistance or to report a site performance or error, please contact SchoolTube technical support. Support hours are 7am-7pm M-F, excluding manger holidays.


Tutorial Link for Adding Videos to a SchoolTube Channel

Adding Videos to a Channel

There are two ways to add videos to a channel, directly following a new video upload and by publishing existing videos to your channel. Learn how to add videos to your channel by watching this video.