Enjoy SchoolTube Ad-Free!

Registered SchoolTube users including teachers, staff, and students can now enjoy SchoolTube ad-free. With multiple plans available, SchoolTube is ready to support your classroom or school with ad-free viewing.

Introductory Pricing!

Plans for individual teachers, single schools, and multiple schools and school districts.
All plans include unlimited use with full-featured accounts.

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Individual Teacher Plan

$ 39 /year

Bonus!  Free coverage from March 1, 2020, to June 30, 2020, with a paid annual subscription. 

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School Closing Program

$ 500 /year

In response to COVID-19 driven school closings, enjoy simplified pricing for all school types.

Plus, no charge for coverage from March 1, 2020, to June 30, 2020, with a paid annual subscription. (Pay for next school year, get the rest of this school year free!)

Multiple Schools or District-wide

Multiple-school pricing is available as well as PO#-based invoicing.  

Bonus!  Free coverage from March 1, 2020, to June 30, 2020, with a paid annual subscription.

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How SchoolTube Ad-Free Works?

For schools where SchoolTube Ad-Free is deployed, the SchoolTube system blocks video and display ads from appearing on a user’s screen.  Therefore users must be logged in for the ads to be removed. For example.

  • Teachers sharing SchoolTube on the classroom smartboard can be done so ad-free.
  • Students watching SchoolTube videos on their devices in school or at home can be done so ad-free.
  • School announcements and news shows can be watched ad-free.
  • Parents can also create ad-free accounts.

School & District Deployment Possible

SchoolTube Ad-Free can be deployed at a single school, select schools or multiple schools under a public K-12 district. SchoolTube ad-free can also be deployed for a Media & Journalism department to create ad-free viewing for school news and event videos.

All New Features

*Ad-free viewing requires users to be logged in.

No pre-roll video ads
No on-page display ads
Faster video play
Unlimited video uploads
Unlimited brandable channels
Unlimited personal or school accounts
Public & private sharing options
Embeddable video player
Unlimited playlists
Camera & Screen recording
Viewership analytics
Automated closed captioning
SchoolTube Passport

Safely play YouTube© videos through SchoolTube

Quiz engine

Add questions or comments to videos, includes grading and export.

And many more

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