SchoolTube Free K12 Video Hosting

Virtual Classroom Quick Start Guide 

Your SchoolTube moderator account has been upgraded with Virtual Classroom. This is a desktop livestreaming service that will enable you to remotely share your device desktop, applications (PowerPoint), documents, videos, create quizzes, and chat with students. You can also record the session for sharing within your SchoolTube channel.

Students need only good internet access and a multimedia device in order to participate.

Training. Please visit the Virtual Classroom Training Center. Watch all tutorial videos

IMPORTANT Virtual Classroom launches from within a user’s channel. You need to have a good understanding of how channels work on SchoolTube. Here are resources for that:

Understanding Channels and Playlists

How to Upload Videos

SchoolTube Basics – Quick Start Guide

How to Launch Virtual Classroom

Look for the Live Room link within your channel or in the drop-down menu below your login name.  We recommend launching from the link within your channel(s).  Suggestion: Practice with your peers, a friend or family member before launching a live session.

How to Invite Students.

Once you open live room, in the header menu, click Invite. Copy and share the invite URL with your students. When you are on, the sharing session is on. Each channel on your account can launch a unique session with a persistent invite URL, so you only need to give the link to the student once for every channel.



PLEASE:  Watch all the training videos before attempting to use the service.