The Safest Solution for K-12 Video Hosting.

SchoolTube is a FREE, moderated system video hosting platform, 100% dedicated to K-12 education.  Approved educators are free to post and share videos and serve as moderators to review and approve student video submissions.  Our video curation process makes SchoolTube safe for in-school and on-school network use.

What is SchoolTube?

Watch this quick video about what is SchoolTube and what it offers.

SchoolTube FINAL 10-9-18


Why SchoolTube for your School?

Video is increasingly being used in schools as both a learning and communication tool. Teachers are creating and sharing lesson videos and requesting their students to create assignments in video format. At the school and district level video is often a key communication tool, used to share important announcements, training, meeting recordings and other important matters.

All this video needs to stored and shared and while YouTube© is often the first thought for video hosting, in the K-12 environment, YouTube and other commercial video platforms are not the best solutions.  Such systems do not offer protections for young viewers and may expose inappropriate videos and comments, and because of this, YouTube is often blocked or restricted in K-12 schools, whereas SchoolTube can be whitelisted on school IT networks.

Find it on SchoolTube! SchoolTube is also a source of educational content. Teachers can find educational & lesson videos created by other teachers and professional content providers from around the world. 


What's playing on SchoolTube?

K-12 schools use SchoolTube for hosting and sharing all these video types and more!

News & PR

Features & Benefits

SchoolTube Passport

Safely play YouTube© videos through SchoolTube.

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Quiz engine

Convert any video to a quiz. Add Yes/No, True/False, Multiple Choice or Comments during the video or after. Fully exportable results and grading.

Free User Accounts

Free accounts* are supported by school and age-appropriate advertisements and sponsors. 

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Ad-Free Viewing

SchoolTube now offers school-wide ad-free viewing.

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COPPA Compliant

Enjoy knowing that your students’ and their videos are protected by a COPPA compliant video sharing platform.

Automated closed captioning

Add automated closed captions to any video with just a couple clicks.

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Unlimited video uploads

Enjoy unlimited video uploads. No restrictions on the quantity or size of user videos uploaded under each account.

Privacy Options

Create public or private viewing channels.

School-Branded Channels

Create multiple viewing channels reflecting the school brand.

And many more.

* Free service available in the USA, Canda, UK and other selected countries.

Ad-Free Viewing New

SchoolTube Ad-Free is designed to provide an ad-free viewing environment for all registered SchoolTube users at a school, including teachers, staff, students and parents.

All ads are removed, including pre-roll video ad and on-page display ads, creating a clean, distraction free environment.

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